Single point of control

The backbone of Storefront's technology suite is the Distributed Fulfillment Engine (DFE). The DFE centrally manages all remote applications and sales channels and routes off-site orders to their appropriate fulfillment location.


Control Center

SF infrastructure diagram

Fulfillment Workflow


Deployed and hosted applications alike are managed and monitored from a central control point, promoting efficiencies and reducing cost of ownership.

While happy to support clients in accordance with their needs and technological comfort level, Storefront designed this management system to eliminate dependencies and enable operators to maximally control their own business.

remote management on desktop pc
  • Add products, modify pricing and descriptions, and manage marketing content in real time

  • Create coupons and schedule promotions simultaneously across kiosks and web

  • Proactively address errors, minimizing customer-support overhead

  • Update software and fix issues remotely, avoiding costly on-site tech visits

  • Monitor device health and media status in attached printers

  • Get sales and session information, fleet-wide, regionally, or from a single device