Order management solution for in-store and central lab

Storefront has two distinct workflow applications, each designed for a different use case. Nanolab is a simplified order-management application that allows non-specialist users to manage orders to an in-store print lab. Superlab is a full-featured application intended for industry professionals in a production environment.


  • Simple, store-associate-focused workflow ensures the fastest order printing and the fewest mistakes.

  • Download orders from your Storefront Photosite and print orders direct from your Storefront NANO Kiosk

  • Cross-platform support for the Storefront NANO Android platform as well as Microsoft Windows

  • Easy-to-use interface with video support for common products and issues

  • Print to supported Android printers, or any device with Microsoft Windows print drivers, depending on platform choice


  • Schedule order production and predict printing times* to optimize your workflow

  • Track paper levels, printer statuses, and more on the lab interface*

  • Create and prejudge orders for maximum control and maximum client satisfaction

  • Run a complete print hub through a Storefront DFE with shipping updates, ship-to-home and ship-to-store fulfillment, and more

  • Drive any printer with Microsoft Windows print drivers, without a bespoke integration
  • *for all supported printers